Freitag, 6. Januar 2017

Camera flashes and gravity

I use a  Pentax-Flash AF-540FGZ since 2007 - some advantages inside the Pentax system are:
  • High power
  • Reflector movement in 2 planes
  • Automatik Modus independant of the  P_TTL-System (for fast moving eye lids and reflecting elements
  • 2 Slave Modi (TTL and "just follow")

2010 g<rvity hit first time: The flash dropped down to the ground from a tripod. Afterward the battery door did not lock any longer because the plastic closing elements were broken

A initial repair ba adhesive tape did not work because battery pre-tention peeled ist off after some time.

Solution was the fixation of Aluminum elements with 2-komponent-glue and a small milling tto the battery door. 

This solution worked reliable for nearly 6 years and needed to be re-glued after 6 years the first time.

Recently there was the next impact: The flash dropped down tgether with a Q10er from ahight of a little bit more than one foot  and the connection shue brake.   This assembly is just fixed by 4 small screws and an electric connector. A try to get spare parts as a organ donor by a forum or Twitter failed.
At  Pentax-Service März the spare part was available for ~48€  and after assembly the flash worked agaiin.

Conclusion: Gravity is effective for camera flashes too - bit that is no reason for scraping it or buying it new. Some thing could be done better by the manufacturer. For example  the shue of Cactus V6 triggers are metal reinforced.

Montag, 17. November 2014

1St Experiences with #CineStillFilm #800T

It started at the 2014 Photokina in Cologne. At the booth of CineStillFilm I had seen that film the first time - and heared about the Kickstarter Project for 120-Type-Films.

At home I placed some Dollars at Kickstarter and later I found 135-Type-Films available at Fotoimpex, So I ordered 3 of these films and lodes the one to my Pentax Super A.

Meanwhile the Kickstarter-Project failed but my initial film is exposed and devoloped.

The use of tungsten film with 800-ASA is very limited but the results show that this film has it's qualities.

All these pictures have been taken with a M35/2,0 w/o any tripod - but see yourself:


The results are vey impessive and night athmosphere is shwon in a unique way. 

Especially with sufficient exposure (related to 800 ASA) the results are absolutely great- but when taking picture at night some areas of the pictures are underexposed/black. These ares show significant blue grain that can be reduced by using lightroom CA-Correction after sanning (some of the tungsten calibarion is lost by this adaptation).

Conclusion: RECOMMENDABLE - It's a pitty that the Kick-Starter-Project for 120-Type Film failed.

PS: All pictures are shown at my  Homepage

Sonntag, 17. November 2013

Indian Summer and NYC

In October we traveled the NE of the USA - during the next weeks I will report in my German Blog and will show pictures - You are invited to follow this blog by using a translation.

My travel report starts HERE

Samstag, 9. November 2013

Modification of a #BG4 for #PentaxK3

This week I got may new K3 to support the old K7 and K01.

I found some descriptions, how the modify the BG4 in a way that it works on a K3 - so I took my tools and started work:

Stage 1: What is different (by Scanner & GIMP)

Stage 2: Handle Modifications (Supplier Khalia)

Stage 3: Ready :-)

Sonntag, 15. September 2013

#Pentax #6x7: Broken chain

I love using my old #Lunasix.......especially since the coupling chain of my Pentax 67 is broken since Saturday :-(

#Pentax #K01 #Firmware update solves #Sigma #Ring-flash issue

As reported in March (sorry - just German) the collaboration between Pentax K01 and Sigma Ring-flash EM-140DG did not work - the flash fired always full power and didn't care about the TTL-settings. This fault is gone after the latest update to Firmware 1.04 that was released last week by Pentax.