Freitag, 6. Januar 2017

Camera flashes and gravity

I use a  Pentax-Flash AF-540FGZ since 2007 - some advantages inside the Pentax system are:
  • High power
  • Reflector movement in 2 planes
  • Automatik Modus independant of the  P_TTL-System (for fast moving eye lids and reflecting elements
  • 2 Slave Modi (TTL and "just follow")

2010 g<rvity hit first time: The flash dropped down to the ground from a tripod. Afterward the battery door did not lock any longer because the plastic closing elements were broken

A initial repair ba adhesive tape did not work because battery pre-tention peeled ist off after some time.

Solution was the fixation of Aluminum elements with 2-komponent-glue and a small milling tto the battery door. 

This solution worked reliable for nearly 6 years and needed to be re-glued after 6 years the first time.

Recently there was the next impact: The flash dropped down tgether with a Q10er from ahight of a little bit more than one foot  and the connection shue brake.   This assembly is just fixed by 4 small screws and an electric connector. A try to get spare parts as a organ donor by a forum or Twitter failed.
At  Pentax-Service März the spare part was available for ~48€  and after assembly the flash worked agaiin.

Conclusion: Gravity is effective for camera flashes too - bit that is no reason for scraping it or buying it new. Some thing could be done better by the manufacturer. For example  the shue of Cactus V6 triggers are metal reinforced.